If you’re learning about tenancy deposit for the first time or don’t know whether or not you are eligible to make a claim, then it’s likely that you will have some questions. Browse through our most popular FAQs below, and if you still haven’t found an answer to your query, get in touch with our team by calling 0800 988 3409.

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1. Am I the right type of person to contact Tenant Protect?

If you are currently renting, or have rented a property in the past, and are unsure as to whether or not your landlord correctly dealt with your tenancy deposit, then yes.

2. Why should I contact Tenant Protect?

By contacting us, you will be helping to ensure all landlords comply with their obligation to protect tenancy deposits. Also, it is your statutory right to receive your deposit back and/ or a mandatory statutory penalty. Although this is an unusual piece of legislation, it is in place; the government knows that, until landlords suffer in their pockets, they will not change their behaviour.

3. What do you need to see from me?

All we need to see is your tenancy agreements and, if possible, proof of payment of the tenancy deposit.

4. What will happen when you contact me?

When we contact you on your preferred method of communication (telephone or email) we will speak to you to explain what the process involves. We will then check whether or not your deposit was properly dealt with and, if it appears to not have been, then we will write to the landlord asking them to pay you the statutory penalty fee. If the landlord contacts us, we will then negotiate a settlement. If not, we will then discuss with you the next steps to take which may include commencing court proceedings.

5. What does it cost to make a claim?

We work on a ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis, which means that, if we do not recover anything for you, there is absolutely no charge for you. If we are successful, then we will keep up to a maximum of 35% of what is recovered.

6. Why should I trust Tenant Protect to handle my claim?

We have been involved in lots of cases involving many different issues and we have a proven track record of being able to help tenants recover their deposit and to receive additional payments from their landlord.

7. Why not?

We understand that this legislation is not widely known let alone widely understood, therefore, we also understand that it can be extremely difficult for tenants and former tenants to stand up to landlords. This is a consequence of hundreds of years of landlords dominating the relationship between landlords and tenants. The government, however, wants this to change, which is why they have given tenants the incentive to make this happen.